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Evolution of the PDF

PDF use has grown exponentially over the years asĀ it has become one of the most popular file formats on the net, only overshadowed by HTML. By one informal survey, PDFs consistently ranked as the highest looked-for document type via Google...

/ September 11, 2017

Three Trends Towards Lightweight PDF Solutions

Since Adobe created the PDF file format in 1993, much has changed. Adobe itself has grown into a multinational company with a brand-name recognition that rivals that of giants such as Cisco and Intel. Its PDF software lines have similarly...

/ August 15, 2017

Adobe End-of-Support – Are you prepared?

As you may have heard, Adobe Acrobat XI and Adobe Reader XI are nearing its End-of-Support period on October 15, 2017, as outlined in its Lifecycle Policy, which states that Adobe will provide five years of support for their products....

/ August 15, 2017