PDFelement 6.2 was launched early July. New version means new features! But what exactly is different about the latest update? Tune in to our New on 6.2 series to learn about some of our new tools.

2. To offer additional protection for your documents, PDFelement 6.2 offers the ability to add custom redaction codes. 

Redaction lets you permanently black out confidential text and images in a PDF document. This is necessary for internal and external company document sharing without releasing personal or private information such as names, addresses and banking details.

PDFelement comes pre-loaded with redaction codes and entries from the United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the United States Privacy Act. These codes provide a standardized method to indicate why selected portions of material were redacted. Now you can create your own redaction codes and customize code entries to appear over redacted portions of your documents.


Step 1. – Click “Mark for Redaction” under the “Protect” tab.



Step 2. – Draw out an area for redaction and double-click on it to access its properties.



Step 3. –Enable “Use Overlay Text” and choose “Redaction Code,” then “Edit Codes.”



Step 4. –Apply a name to your new code set and click “Add Set.” Add an entry and select “Add Code.” Return to the properties view, choose the applicable code entry, and select Apply Redactions



Our new redaction update is extremely versatile, and any organization that is looking to reduce time and costs associated with protecting sensitive document information should try this new feature.

You can read the complete list of updates available in PDFelement 6.2 for Windows here.

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Have you updated to PDFelement 6.2? Just open PDFelement, click “Help”  then “Check for Updates” and follow the prompts.

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