So what is SpiceWorld? Is that the movie about the Spice Girls?

Nope. In case you’ve never heard about SpiceWorld, it’s an annual one held by SpiceWorks, which is the world’s most trusted and vibrant IT marketplace! There will be thousands of IT pros, including tech vendors and product marketers. Globally well-known giants such as Canon, Cisco, and HP are just a few of the vendors exhibiting. It’ll be a three-day long mix of how-to sessions, networking, happy hours, and parties.

This is the PDFelement Team’s first time at SpiceWorld, which is held in Austin, Texas, and we are a Chipotle sponsor. I hear that there’s good barbecue and Mexican cuisine there, so hopefully the team will have time to check it out and bring back some take out. 

In my experience, going on a vacation takes a lot of planning and preparation, especially when it comes to packing. I was in Scouts when I was a kid, and our motto was “Be prepared.” That means overpacking is actually a good thing, right? I am always paranoid that I’ll regret not bringing that extra sweater or scarf…and then I never end up using it. Being a light packer would definitely come in handy for SpiceWorld, though, since you need to leave some space for all the awesome swag that all the vendors are giving out!

But this time, it’s not just a typical vacation. There are other conference-related preparations to make before we can board the plane. The team spent last week in a frenzy, putting together presentations and gathering the necessary supplies for our booth. Notice how I’m being purposefully vague? That’s right! You’re going to have to visit our booth for yourselves to see what we have planned for you! All I’ll say is that we went on a shopping last week to look for a desk to put our demo supplies on and prizes…and that there’s a chance to win a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Meet the Team

PDFelement is a product built by Wondershare, a global company committed to creating simple software solutions for life’s everyday challenges through multimedia, utility, office or mobile applications. At this conference, we want to share our passion for workplace productivity and paperless reform with all of you!

Our team is pretty diverse, as we have representatives from both our Shenzhen, China team and our Vancouver, Canada team. China is approximately 10 hours ahead of North America (depending on where you are) so we will be stocking our backroom with instant coffee packets and energy drinks. Collectively, we speak about eight different languages, so no matter where you’re from, swing by and chat with us! 


Patrick – Brand Manager

Speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Flying in from China.

Prides himself on building world-class teams that deliver and delight customers across the world with innovative PDF solutions.

Never shows stress.


Faisal – Brand Manager

  • Speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic.
  • Flying in from Canada.
  • Brings global perspective and acts as a liaison between product development, marketing and sales to deliver value added sales and marketing programs.
  • Wants a pet horse.
  • Avid Call of Duty and Overwatch fan. Gamer tag: Sycoraptic. 

Stella – Sales & Business Development

  • Speaks Mandarin and English
  • Flying in from China.
  • Responsible for accelerating PDFelement’s revenue growth across the EMEA region.
  • Flying in from China.
  • Loves anything to do with food.

Ray – Sales & Business Development

  • Speaks Mandarin and English
  • Flying in from Canada.
  • Responsible for and accelerating PDfelement’s revenue growth across North America.
  • First time in Texas.
  • Likes to watch Fast and Furious.

Julian – Sales & Business Development

  • Speaks German, French, Japanese, and English.
  • Flying in from Canada.
  • Responsible for client success.
  • Will be on the prowl for Smoked Texas BBQ and TexMex cuisine.
  • Likes the smell of gasoline.


If you have any tips for first-time conference goers, please drop them in the comments section below. Remember to drop by Booth #46 for a chance to win some cool prizes. See you all at #SpiceWorld2017!

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Posted by Rebecca Chen

Rebecca is the Community Manager at PDFelement. She is fascinated with social media, and especially loves Instagram. When she isn't online, you can find her exploring Vancouver's delicious food scene!

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