eSignatures can help companies heed the competitive pressure to speed up transactions and find cost-efficiencies. According to industry-funded studies, these technologies accelerate document workflows and approval loops, cutting signature collection times from days to hours. In addition, an eSign solution is said to save an average $20 per document in terms of reduced courier and printing costs, overtime costs associated with manual data entry, and scanning and faxing costs.

An eSignature by itself, however, will not guarantee your document’s security or compliance with privacy laws. Companies cannot chance the costs of mishandled financial or health information, so fortify your documents against forgery and identity theft with these two powerful PDF protection features and continue to enjoy the benefits of an eSignature solution for your most important document tasks.

What every company needs to ensure top-notch document security:

A professional-grade PDF solution like PDFelement comes with a roster of protection tools to ensure the security of your entire document. Two particular features should draw your attention:

1. End-to-End Encrypted Access Controls: Businesses need ways to ensure that only authorized eyes can see signed documents containing regulated information. PDFelement comes with customizable access controls. This means that users can control the alteration of their documents, setting passwords to restrict even the smallest edits, such as inserting, rotating, and deleting pages. These passwords are secured with nearly unbreakable 256-bit AES encryption.

2. Digital Signatures: This feature is often confused with an electronic signature by vendors and users alike. But a digital signature is a separate technology. It enhances the security of your electronic signature — i.e., a bitmap representation of your handwritten autograph.

When you apply a digital signature, a separate file is created to store a unique cryptographic key. Ownership of that key is then bound to a specific user. You can use the file to verify the authenticity of the document and its signatories. Any changes to the document will show, ensuring a tamper-proof seal.

Most modern email programs and many professional document solutions will allow you to import a digital signature or create your own. PDFelement can generate what’s called a PKCS #12 digital ID file supported by most security software applications and all the major web browsers.

The Bottom Line

Most eSigned documents tend to be finalized as PDFs. An affordable yet full-featured PDF solution like PDFelement is thus a logical choice to simplify your document workflow while saving on licensing fees. Enjoy all the tools you need to edit files, extract data, create and complete forms and contracts in one easy-to-use application, all while knowing that your electronically signed documents are verifiable and secure.

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